In 2014, we were congratulated for running a positive grassroots campaign. We centred the campaign on people talking to people, neighbour to neighbour, instead of a bunch of media buys. We spent less per vote than any organized campaign. People-centred is, of course, our plan again. 

But this time our unified voice must be even stronger.  Our welcome new finance rules mean we must be grassroots in our fundraising too. That means we need more people giving smaller amounts—whatever you can afford. 

Remember that $10 can buy a ream of paper to make thousands of flyers spreading facts and hope. $100 can fund an engaging public event. And $1,000 helps pay for the office that is serving as a positive hub for volunteers and the community to come together and ensure we get another four years in the right direction. All donations are immensely valuable, regardless of their size. 

Please join us in helping to fuel our heart-centred campaign.